October 10th is World Mental Health Day.

Experiencing a dip or lifelong struggle with your mental health is not a weakness. I want to say that I’m not proud of my Post Natal Depression diagnosis but I’m in no way ashamed of it either. Nor to admit that I’ve recently started taking medication to treat it. It just is what it is, a medical problem like any other.

I laugh and love all the same. I am a human being and a valuable member of this society. I am still me, not my illness. It does not, and never will, define who I am as a person.


On this day (like any other) I offer no judgement, no labels and no embarrassment. Just support, compassion and appreciation for the fact that no one is immune.

You never know who out of your friends and family might need to read something like this today, and realise that they are not alone. Share, like or love this post to help raise awareness for mental health issues.

K x

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  1. For my beautiful girl Katie Laura,
    If you brake a bone you get a cast put on it to help it heal. Mental illness is invisible most of the time because the person suffering is constantly trying to appear normal. I was diagnosed with P.T.S.D. About 2 years ago. I now realise I had suffered with this problem for a very long time. It troubled me for so long, it affected my relationships with the family that I love dearly. When it was suggested I go on the (happy pills) I was worried it would destroy my personality and turn me into a zombie. Instead they have made me the person I always longed to be but the demons always spoiled. When you have mental health issues you are never cured but now I have been given tools so that bad thoughts get banished before they are able to ruin things.
    P.S. Talk to those that will listen it helps! X

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