During my pregnancy and when Little Man was a newborn I received all sorts of advice ranging from the ridiculous (it’s still slimming to wear black when 38 weeks pregnant) to the plausible but unrealistic (nap when he naps) and finally the go to piece of advice that someone says to you when you are feeling overwhelmed, “make sure you have some me time“. I have also dished this wisdom out to other new mum’s but it’s easier said than done.
With this advice in mind and when Little Man is napping, I sometimes think “I should have at least an hour, I’ll have some me time”. But then I tend to say to myself that doing some quick jobs won’t really cut into it so I put a wash on, quickly do the dishwasher, run the vacuum round and before I know it I have ten minutes left to scoff down my hastily made breakfast. Either that or I feel like I’ve wasted my precious time.

The last few minutes of nap time always seem so magical, as if I could do anything – but not everything. Also because I know I get to see my son again soon. I find my excitement builds as I think about the smile he’ll give me when I go in to get him up and how I’ll tickle his feet as I change his clothes.

Seems you can take the me from mummy time but not the mummy from me time.

Tick tock tick tock… and my hour is just about up.

Time to make that breakfast and wolf it down before LM wakes.

Until next time,



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