Besides dropping my camera…

Here goes:

Ginger Comments

“I bet he (Little Man) had the blackest hair when he was born”. Erm, no actually he didn’t Stranger At The Petrol Station Shouting At Me From A Faraway Pump. Maybe you’ve been peering through the tinted windows on my car for far too long.

Wrapping Presents

While Oscar helped of course. FYI, to those that will be receiving a gift from us, you can thank him for the claw shaped holes and tiny slashes in the paper. I suppose I could have re-wrapped them but then I’m just giving him what he wants, aren’t I?

Attending A Family Engagement Party 

And taking out of focus and badly framed photographs with my supposedly working OK camera. You’re welcome.

Creating More Cat vs Baby Posts

Since an epic battle happens at least twice a day I’m getting a backlog of photos. I’ll be up to round 682 before you know it!


Specifically, disposing of plastic pine needle fur balls and vacuuming up cat hair. I’m starting to realise who the true messy one is in our house, and to think that for years I’ve been blaming Hubby.

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit by…

– Downloading classic Christmas songs on iTunes;
– Making sure we have enough food to last the one day everywhere will be shut;
– Finding my Midsomer Murder Christmas Special DVD so it’s ready to watch at some point this week;
– Obsessively watching celebrity chef Christmas specials knowing I won’t even attempt to make anything;
– Getting stupidly excited about the thought of dressing Little Man in his elf outfit but also secretly wishing I had a Christmas pudding one for the Boxing Day party we are attending;
– Putting my homesickness aside by gearing up for Hubby’s family tradition of going to the beach on Christmas day.

What will you be doing on the big day, any traditions?

Until next time,


Disclaimer: I feel the need to say that I only leave LM in the car when filling up with petrol (obviously) and ALWAYS take him with me when I pay. It’s worth the extra seconds of strapping him back in rather than risk leaving him in the car, especially with all the ginger enthusiasts that seem to be around.


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