This post was written a few days prior to its scheduled publish date of Weds 28 May.

Ginger Comments

Just the usual like “wow, that’s red” and “you’d spot him in a crowd”.


Oh, I haven’t mentioned it?


Well, more like cramming. I had an online test worth 20% the week after we arrived back from NZ and the holiday made me forget everything. EVERYTHING. So in my ultimate wisdom I decided to re-listen to five hours of lectures and read all the study books before the test. Sounds relatively easy doesn’t it? Well not if you have a tiny ginger man hanging off your leg for the better part of twelve hours everyday. Hubby also thinks that the lecturer isn’t that great since his voice is extremely monotone but I personally think his coughing fits that can last up to three minutes are endearing. He also signs off each lecture with “I hope you have enjoyed this module” which I can only assume is sarcasm.


Specifically, OCD-ing over my “likes” and trying to pin them all into their appropriate boards. Happily, and out of necessity, I’ve now created a “cats” folder. You’re welcome fellow Pinners.


A book, various blogs and I’m happy to share that my good friend, Sue, has started writing on her existing blog again after a long break (too long if you ask me) – I’d recommend a peek: DougDownUnder. I especially liked this post, it had me LOL’ing like a mofo and reminded me of The Mighty Boosh’s Nanageddon.

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