I’ve been quite the busy bee…

Ginger Comments

A new nickname of “Red” has been given to Little Man from a man up the street.

Starting Study

And feeling completely overwhelmed, excited and nervous all at the same time. I was going to say “much like falling in love” – if falling in love means you have to navigate a ridiculous system of confusing web pages just to find out what book you’ll be needing.

Bad Avengers

Doing grocery shopping and repeatedly spotting a young lad dressed all in black with a hat on and an air of Mr White (Breaking Bad) about him. On closer inspection it appeared to be some kind of bowler hat so he could have been channeling John Steed of The Avengers fame. Either way I was left wanting to watch Breaking Bad and feeling rather homesick.

Being A Wedding Guest

And having the most amazing time. The bride and her bridesmaids looked absolutely beautiful and the boys scrubbed up well too! It was such an honour to be included in an extremely special day that went perfectly. It made me think about my own wedding day and the fact that we’re coming up to our fifth year anniversary soon.

Assassin’s Crud

Watching Hubby play a computer game where there seems to be little plot development and I still can’t work out if the main character is a ninja assassin or a pirate. Apparently he’s both. Missions seem to entail lots of cockney English bad guys being mercilessly slaughtered, when I asked Hubby why his reply was “because all English people are evil”. I feel that this comment wasn’t just about the game. The two positives from watching is that the main guy looks a little like Charlie Hunman and it sends me to sleep.


To my beautiful boy say “mama” and “mummy” when he wants me. LM first started saying it on Friday 14th March and repeated it all over that weekend – best of all he actually refers to me – not inanimate objects or the cat!!!

Feeling Poorly

Actually, it was the worst sickness I’ve had since I was ill with the flu when I was pregnant with LM. It was a very bad head cold that took me out of action for a few days and lasted nearly two weeks. Luckily LM and Hubby were spared and really looked after me.

Taking Photos

Many of which seem to have the tops of peoples heads cut off. I’m blaming it on my illness or trying to pass it off as artsy – much like this one of Oscar. Artsy, no?

How about now?

Or now?

Until next time,


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