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Another little boy calling Little Man a girl at the park and his dad correcting him by saying that he’s not a girl he just has lovely orange hair. Erm, what is he a Lego man? If you have to label it I prefer electric copper thank you very much. Also, kudos for the correction and the compliment that I looked nice even though it was blatantly obvious to all with a smidgen of fashion sense that I got dressed in the dark.

Blog Hopping

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Taking pictures

Specifically setting up a new photo blog called This Is Queensland. You should totally check it out and love it and follow it and caress the screen whenever you see a picture of a beach. Oh, and taking lots of photos of Oscar, obviously.


Namely Dorothy The Dinosaur and The Big Red Car of The Wiggles fame. In the shower. Alone.

Watching films

With lot’s of reviews bubbling around in my head. Maybe one day in the not so distant future I’ll have chance to write them.

Still Deciding

What to do about study. My motivation is still non-existent, sometimes I feel like I’m just getting through the days and in all honesty, feeling a little lost at the moment.

Going through my drafts

And publishing/finishing posts that seemed nearly ready to go. As recently mentioned I have a few I’ve been working on for a while now so I’ll aim to finish them soon.


Is it just me who goes on there to look at kitchens for five minutes but finds themselves looking at pictures of cats for hours instead?

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  1. Just to reassure you, I go on every website etsy, ebay, Pintrest etc to look at things and find myself looking at cat items & pictures for hours! I think it is perfectly normal!

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