The tale of the two pairs of Thomas the Tank Engine shoes… Where do I begin?


Well, Little Man has outgrown all of his shoes so I thought I may as well get him some new sandals and while I’m at it, a pair of trainers for the park. What I didn’t count on was how obliging LM would be at trying on shoes.

And how many I would freakin’ love!

I only planned on checking out Target boys clothes but when I saw the $10 shoe sale I couldn’t resist. He pretty much refused to take off the first pair of Thomas shoes (pictured in #70daysofsmiles post here) and I had to wrestle them off him. He wasn’t overly impressed with the sandals but what can you do? Those tiny toes need to breathe on hot days.

Anyway, we made our way to Kmart and I felt pretty smug with my bargains when a boy in tantrum mode caught my eye. Instead of asking his Mum, who was desperately trying to reason with him, there and then as to where she got his fabulous Thomas shoes from, I casually went the same way in the store and asked her when he had quietened down. The answer, Big Dub. Of course it was.

So, a few days later when I went to do our grocery shopping I found myself at this very store and, once again, LM was so obliging it seemed rude not to try on a few pairs of tiny shoes. The result. His second pair of Thomas shoes. And a pair of ugg boots for his winter slippers that match his dads…

I think this haul should sustain me – I mean him – for a while.

Have I told about the fabulous jumper I found for him too? Hmmmm, soon my friend… soon.

Until next time,


Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. And Little Mans. And Oscars.


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