Sooooo, where to begin. Little Man is teething with his fangs and molars and some nights he doesn’t cope well. On a particular evening in April he started wailing as soon as I’d nodded off and continued for around four hours. Luckily for my neighbours a dog started howling along in unison.

LM then sobbed on and off from 4:30 am but as usual (and like a fool) I went for our morning walk. I can’t quite remember the route I took but managed to last an hour and make it home safely (Katie for the win). LM then rewarded me with a two hour nap in which I chose to do uni work (boo hiss – I hate it I hate it!).

Anyway, I apparently took some photos. Can’t even remember taking my camera but there you go…

DSC_0152 (6)

LM loves the below birds (I think they are called water hens) but we call them Gooney-Birds because they are not good at swimming and seem to misjudge their landings etc and basically act like goons…

And remember I told you about the cul-de-sac cat? Well, here he is. He even lets LM pull his tail and isn’t scared of the resulting squeals of delight (from me, not LM!).

Hands down that night was one of the hardest I have experienced during my motherhood. I realised I’d been up for twenty hours and after three hours of doing the usual comforting things I made the decision to let LM cry-it out for the first time. I felt ashamed about my reaction and the fact I couldn’t face going back in his room, but when I confided in my Mothers Group they all admitted that they’d been there too. It made me feel better and even though I was surviving on three hours sleep, the next day was great and LM ended up sleeping through that night. Parenthood is hard but I’m proud that I managed to make a sensible decision (which seemed to be under great duress) although I’m not in a hurry to have a night like that again.

Do you have any horror teething/toddler stories?

Until next time,


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