Nothing scares me much anymore. Nothing could compare to what this feels like. On the positive I’ve realised I don’t desire anything. I have amazing family and friends, a beautiful home in paradise and a healthy, witty, happy little child. Although it would be far too early to leave this earth, I think I could die happy tonight with the knowledge my boy has such loving people around him and is destined for his own version of greatness – whatever that may be.

Yes, life has certainly been simplified. It’s actually quite refreshing to not want anything, to realise you have your version of it all. I remember reading an interview with Michelle Williams a while after Health Ledger passed away and she said she felt it was a time of magical thinking in the year following his death.

I get that.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey and Jack Johnson. I find the soft tones comforting and Little Man will get his boogie on to anything. In fact his favourite songs are Fortunate Son and Evil Woman… I know, I know. I have chosen to believe it’s purely coincidental with no hidden meaning.

The song Video Games is especially resonating with me even though I know the meaning of it is quite different to how it makes me feel. I’m appreciating how happiness can come from the simple pleasures in life – that’s how I want to live anyway.

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