The only way I can think to start this post is a bit like a wedding speech….

Urban Dictionary describes Twihards as stupid obsessive people (mostly teenage girls) who are in love with fictional characters and wouldn’t know a good book if it punched them in the face.

You may have guessed that I’ve started watching my box-set and this is where I’m at the moment, People – I can’t say I’m hating the films. In fact I’m enjoying them. Okay, okay I love them! However, I did notice some glaring similarities between Edward, Bella and myself and Oscar especially regarding the Twilight movie. Let me explain…

Oscar is Edward Cullen, Edward Cullen is a Cat

– The way Edward stares at Bella in the classroom when she is first seated next to him is exactly how Oscar stares at me when I’m on the toilet;

– He watches me sleep; (You may be wondering how I know this and it’s because most mornings when I’m waking Oscar is merely millimeters away from my face and starts meowing at me instantly while my eyes are still focusing).

– He has gold coloured eyes;

– He doesn’t like it when I’ve been patting dogs;

I’m also aware that I’m mixing movies up what with the Anchorman quote on the photo at the top of the post. Oh well, it just seemed so appropriate!

I’m curious, are you a fan of the Twilight series? Be it just the books, just the films or both? Even though I’m not a fan of how the books are written (I like paragraphs thank you very much) the story has kept me engaged enough that I’ve managed to read all of them in one go. And I have to say, I think the casting was spot on. I think I’m Team Jacob though – what are you?

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