Little Man is teething pretty bad with his molars so I’ve been getting up with him in the night. I usually don’t mind as he tends to just want cuddles before calming down enough to be placed back into his cot.

A few nights ago was a different story. I decided to get him up, give him medicine, a bottle and get comfortable on the couch to watch a few episodes of Masterchef.

He snuggled into me and as I watched TV and tried not to interact with him he continually reached up to my face to bring it down to his. He was smiling and would do a small chuckle as I indulged him by kissing his nose. He caressed my cheek with his tiny hand and occasionally his small finger would find my nostril. Sometimes he pulled my bottom lip.

He was happy just being with me and I felt content in more ways than one.

LM eventually fell asleep in my arms and, like many times before, it felt like we were the only two in the neighbourhood. I decided to keep him with me for a bit longer instead of returning him to his bed. Afterall, moments like these don’t last forever so I figured I can catch up on sleep in a few years.

Until next time,



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