Social media and celebrity pop culture influences trends, fads and parenting whether we want to admit it or not. I feel like much of it is all geared towards providing material things or a constant flow of adventures and experiences for our children. I for one find it all a bit exhausting. What happened to the simple life filled with simple pleasures?

As a small child, I remember how excited I’d get by going to the park or taking a bus ride. I’d lose my mind on a train! Days were filled playing with friends, picking wild raspberries and trying to make perfume from rose petals. As I got older, I got bored from time to time but I’d always find something to do and that’s why I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. We didn’t have much money but, again, I don’t feel like I went without. I was allowed to build blanket forts and create mega Lego cities all over the living room floor. I pretended to be Princess Leia in the garden while throwing my ewok teddy around and on rainy days I’d spend hours reading a Sweet Valley High book.

I didn’t have a mobile or an iPad and I’m grateful for it. I was encouraged to spend summer AND winter outside, often I’d be accompanied by one of our cats who I’d sit and pet and talk to.

More than anything I’d like my children to have the opportunity to just be kids. Imagination is a muscle and I think it’s important they learn how to use it. I want them to be be able to look back on summer days spent outside with the sprinkler on and a treat of an icy pop, and in winter, baking muffins and building a den under the table.

I believe that all children really need is their small world with you in it and trust me when I say, it’s more than enough. K x



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  1. Wicket was my favourite character of all the star wars universe 🙂 Also I was a huge reader of Sweet Valley High, I would always choose them through the book buying catalogue at school. I LIVED for that catalogue coming out hahaha such a geek.
    I totally agree with everything you have said here. I think I would also add that for us personally whilst we haven’t got kids yet we are very set in the idea of not over buying for their birthdays. Whilst we want their birthdays to be special we would rather spend money on being able to take them on experiences (like to the zoo) that on a stack of gifts that they will forget about in a few weeks. Obviously they would still get gifts and there would be big gifts like bikes and what not, but not the wall of presents that my nieces and nephews seem to get for every occasion hahaha.

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