I thought I’d keep you updated with the garden because, well, I have nothing else really going on right now. I am literally watching grass grow People! Seriously, I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while so here you go – do you see the above photo? That’s one of many strawberries I have on the go at the moment, I can. not. wait. to get picking them with Little Man and to see his amazement with it all. It helps that he can destroy a punnet in about four minutes.

I pruned the herbs after a particularly hot and dry period and they’re looking much healthier. After doing some weeding under the watchful eye of Little Man he tried to help by bringing me handfuls of basil leaves. I was so touched at this gesture and he looked so proud of himself so what else could I do but thank him and explain that we don’t pick these particular plants? Well, I could have done more than simply washing his hands because he had a distinct basily smell all day.

The passionfruit plant is coming along nicely and the vine has its own, erm, vines to wrap around a tipi or for guiding on a fence.

The solar lights were from Kmart and cost around $10. We used to have white paper lanterns but they got dirty really quickly and just looked gross. I love the small industrial look these ones give the outside area and I’m hoping they last a while.

You can see the before of the above image here. I’m loving how the plants are growing at a quick rate, I literally check the size of the agave (green ones in the middle) after every big storm. I can’t wait for them to get MASSIVE!

Here are some behind-the-scenes garden pictures from when my folks were out in November 2014.

As the last picture shows, not only did Little Man and his Grandad have a great time in the garden, they also like to dress the same too.

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