I knew that with the arrival of my parents a flurry of work would commence in the garden, I mean, they just know how to get shit done. I, on the other hand, make a great project manager and, dare I say, leader. I’m fair with the hours and duties I expect, encouraging when the workers complain of the humidity and continually offer ridiculous amounts of tea. I may not pay them in dollars – partly because I know they would never dream of accepting – but also because they enjoy hard graft. It really is my gift to them.

I of course say some of this in jest. Side note: did you know that 50% of jokes are the truth?

Anyway, my parents and I wanted to surprise Hubby by getting as much as we could done before he returned home from a work trip. I told him white lies that it had been raining constantly and luckily, since he had no expectations, he didn’t really ask if we’d been out in the yard and Operation Garden Gnome was born.

We, needlessly but covertly, got some plants, a delivery of gravel and a monster sized box of Tetley tea bags all on the Monday morning ready for the hard slog ahead. I keep saying “we” when really I mean “Dad”.

This post will concentrate on the garden bed outside of our bedroom, even though alot more was completed over a four day period. I will update you on what over separate posts.

Dad single-handedly did all the following – The Mothership, Little Man, Oscar and I obviously gave our full support from inside the house and some of us shouted encouragement to him through the windows. One of us just shouted incoherently (can you guess who?!):




always watching…

because the internet doesn’t have enough close-ups of stained wood


HUGE thanks to my Dad for working so hard. Seriously, he was here for a holiday and yet he worked nearly everyday. In four days he completed two more garden beds, plus put gravel out the front of the house. I will post more pictures shortly.

Hubby was happily surprised when he returned home after his work trip and it’s been a MASSIVE help to us.

A few days after I took the above photos we had a Grandparents Day where both sets came over for a BBQ brunch and while Little Man was being kept busy we set up the garden for him with outside toys we had collected over the past few months. I’ll publish a post next week about it because it was the. best. time. and I want to ramble on about it for a while! Shocking I know!

Until next time,



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