We’ve been pretty neglectful about the exterior of our house, choosing instead to focus on the inside and, well, being rather lazy. I’ve never partilcularly liked the garden but being morbidly afraid of the sun I also wasn’t game to tackle it. All that has changed now because at last we are finally making the improvements we’ve discussed for so long. Well, since about September really.

This weird “garden bed” (I don’t know what else to call it apart from “the awful bit at the front of the house”) has always been there and I’ve never been sure why. What’s it’s purpose? It’s not like it’s somewhere you would stand and chat or put some seating. So, purely out of confusion we decided it had to go first and be replaced by a proper garden bed. You know, like the ones that have plants and everything.



Little Man supervised much of the project including dining alfresco to be more “hands on”. If by “hands on” I mean throw ham at Hubby as he walked past with a heavy wheelbarrow.

Almost After

These are the cheap plants I got last week and mentioned in my #100happydays post. They will eventually get pretty big (metre tall and wide) so we’re hoping they fill in most of the space and sprout off younglings. Being a succulent they are pretty hardy and drought tolerant so perfect for the Queensland weather.

We now just have to get some gravel delivered and fill it in. We plan to do this in a few weeks when we have done more planting so we can get a big delivery and spend the day shovelling it to where it needs to go. Oh how we can’t wait.

Big props to Hubby for working so hard and letting Little Man and I take more managerial roles, which obviously included making sure we had plenty of leg shots during the documenting process.

Until next time,



  1. I too love the pic of little man supervising! And I love succulents. They are inexpensive, but look so beautiful when they grow out a bit, and I’m with you on the necessity for drought resistant plants!

    1. Hahaha, yes he is a very good project manager! The difficult thing is trying to pick what succulents to use as I love them all!! I’m thinking of doing some kind feature with small ones in a nice pot or something, or maybe a garden bed. Will have to chat to the boss (Little Man!) 😉

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