Today’s topic will be on gates.

We have new ones.

The end.



The landscaper will be putting retaining sleepers up against the fence and will box in across the gap at the bottom and level out the garden to hide the perfect Little Man sized gap.

Only kidding, as if I’d only write three sentences when I have lots of procrastinating instead of studying to do!

When we first inspected our house way back in 2010 the first thing I said was that I wanted proper side gates (that cut off access to the back garden from the front) to feel safe and secure when at home alone. Not that this is an unsafe neighbourhood (or me being dramatic) but I would have put in a moat if I could… and maybe built some kind of castle facade.

It’s now four years later and I’ve finally got my side gates. What prompted this was a few weeks of my nagging Hubby and talking about Little Man escaping – after watching countless hours of Law and Order : Special Victims Unit I might add –  and, lastly, one of the hinges falling off causing the awful gates to sag and hang weird. Now, you may think it would be easier to just fix the hinge but you would be wrong dear Reader, for I took my chance and called gate installers to come and quote us. I let Hubby believe he had some power over the situation by allowing him to have some say in the colour. By say I obviously mean agree with the colour I’d already picked by asking for his opinion during a time that he cannot pause the game he’s playing on the Xbox.

You may think I’m slightly manipulative and/or crazy, but I don’t care because I HAVE NEW GATES! Hooray!

I feel like I should explain that in all seriousness the gates were a necessary purchase for safety reasons. Now Little Man can play in the back garden without people on the street being able to see him (and stand and point as people often do), lift him over a gate and/or simply open them to come in. They have also offered much privacy which I also think is important with kids playing in the back yard – and for those nude house runs I find myself doing fairly regularly because a certain toddler has escaped from the shower again (TMI?). We repurposed one of the old gates and moved it down the utility side of the house to cut off access so LM can’t run down the side of the house where visibility is restricted and we keep the clothes line and bins etc.

I mean, you’ve seen the way he hangs up washing, imagine him “helping” put things in a bin…

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