Since I was told my last post on this subject was highly entertaining (thanks Hubby) I thought I better continue to give people what they want – it’s anyone’s guess as to what the picture above has to do with this post but here goes…

Message 1

Sometimes the best solutions are probably the most simple.

Words to live by, my friend.

Message 2

My dream retirement would be no bills, no worries and fantastic health.

Mine too. Actually, that’s just my dream for, you’know, right now.

Message 3

can vinegar go bad

No. Like milk it lasts forever.

Message 4

free makeup

I have never received such a subtle hint before. Do you have any body wash too?

Message 5

Changing it’s name, upgrading it’s image and rolls out new evolutionary TV Channels to scale it’s media business for future growth.
She shows off her trademark glossy fringe while chatting to her fans.

Erm… okay, whatever you say!

They all seem to be short and sweet this time round. I do hope my clarinet player makes another appearance though.

Until next time,



  1. I think you are underestimating message 5… clearly it is some incredibly clever “Who am I?” Someone has put some serious thought into that hahaha.
    I’d like some free make up too. Pretty much anything by Rimmel is fine 🙂

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