Lately I’ve been feeling pulled in different directions. I don’t seem to have time to do much and I feel like I’m not really accomplishing anything.

I’ve been working hard on setting up a photography business (have I not mentioned this before?), with my other blog, joining the gym, taking Little Man to his commitments, trying to keep the house together, studying for my photography diploma and just generally feeling a little thin on the ground. Oh, there is also the wedding of my SIL coming up and I’m in the show so I’ve been obsessively worrying that I will no longer fit in my bridesmaid dress and comforting myself by eating ice-cream. Go me!

I realised the other day that something has got to give a little. As much as I’m proud of the way I can keep shit together what with Hubby regularly working away, I’ve not been happy with how tired I’ve been feeling. I even ate steak at the weekend and everything.

So, I’ve decided to make a list (yes, I am a list maker) and do what I do I best – complete it like a BOSS!

First up is a big clean up. I know, I am so exciting right now. We’ve had guests staying with us and I kind of let it go a little so I need to get that straight to help with my messy mind feeling. Then, I need to complete my photography module that I’ve been procrastinating about for weeks. Seriously, I really enjoy the vicious cycle that worrying about an assignment being late, putting it off to research camera stuff but then also needing to complete the qualification as quickly as possible brings me.

I’ve been feeling quite homesick too so I’m debating about whether to go home later on in the year or not. The thought of eight years without a trip back is making me a little cray-cray.

And that’s about it.

Apologies to my blogging buddies who I have neglected with my no-reading lately. I think of you often and will catch up one day soon and spread heaps of Likes all over the place! Which leads me to say that I might be a little erratic on here until I’ve rested, handed in my assignment and thus can actually spend some quality time on my posts. I mean, I have so much to say but Little Man just wants to talk about trains all the time.

Until next time,


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