I’ve been seeing lots of health and exercise stuff lately, referencing New Years resolutions and what not. Everything seems to be about numbers. Clothes and cup size, weight and calorie counting seem to be everywhere in January, and if we’re honest, all year round.

Now, you don’t always know why a person has lost weight. Maybe it’s not even because they’re trying. Sometimes it’s due to stress and anxiety or an extreme emotional upheaval.

You don’t always know the reason behind a persons weight gain. Maybe they were pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. Sometimes it’s another medical issue.

You don’t have to conform to what fashion and media say is an “ideal” body shape or weight. You don’t have to look a certain way to be beautiful. You don’t have to emulate someone else’s looks to feel like you belong.

If you’re happy in yourself then you already have the ideal everything. Smiling is stunning and there is nothing more gorgeous than a kind heart.

Be driven by physical and mental health, not numbers. We were all made equal and only we can choose where we put ourselves on the so-called self worth scale.

K x



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