I said I wanted to sort our garden out? Well, the time is now People! I also want to mention that this took place during That Weekend where we were anxiously waiting to see if Peanut’s hcg levels would increase. But, back to the yard work…

Visiting my friend who lives around the corner got me all motivated. She has the perfect set up for kids with a cubbie house, slide, lot’s of outside toys and, probably the most important detail, no overgrown and/or dangerous plants for children to poke their eyes out with and/or get poisoned by.

I pretty much nagged Hubby for a few weeks and enlisted some help – as in I asked my girl friend who agreed on her Hubby’s behalf and joyfully emailed me to say he had been notified of his “yard duty”. And Hubby’s folks agreed to help us (you always need a form of parental supervision guidance for things like this don’t you?).

We made a great start. By “we” I obviously mean “them”. I had the task of keeping Little Man busy and out of harms way, he may have ended up having rides in the wheel barrow but that wasn’t technically my fault – more on this later.

Anyway, here are some before photos – don’t judge!

And after…

As you can see there is still so much more we need to do but I think the hardest part was actually making a start. We filled a three meter skip so I think next time we will get a six meter and just go for it with the rest of the trees and bushes we want to clear. A friends dad is taking two of the veggie patch tins and in lieu of payment he will help us dig them out. We plan to sell the shed and get a slightly larger one that Hubby can actually stand up in. Then he hopes to build a little play house for LM and I want to put a border in around the lawn with some potted plants and vegetables.

My hope is to get all this done by November/December time. Definitely in time for Christmas anyway. Little Man loves playing outside and it’d be great to have it really child friendly for him and when he has his tiny mates over.

I’ll let you know what happens… I mean, I just know you’re really excited by all this gardening.

Back to the wheel barrow part of the story… On the Saturday I put Little Man down for a nap and because of the hard workers outside doing their thing I hid in our walk in wardrobe and cried my little heart out. The straw that broke the camels back was because Hubby’s birthday cake (yes, it was his birthday and we thank Life again for timing things just so) had stuck in the cake tins. I felt I couldn’t do anything right, let alone grow a healthy baby. Hubby entered the room after what seemed like an eternity and walked right into my breakdown. I refused to come out of the bedroom because I just couldn’t pull myself together. Hubby and his folks were outside in the dining room patiently waiting for me and I eventually calmed down enough to tentatively come out. My Mother-in-Law was waiting and gave me a huge hug and it actually turned into a great lunch finished with the wheel barrow riding.

Yogi and Peanut have helped bring people closer together and for that I can be grateful. I think during certain times, grief being one of them, you can sink or swim and that Saturday I felt like I was sinking. But, I knew know that I have many life rafts waiting to help me up out of the murkiness and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. To us.

So, I thank you. For the hugs – real and virtual – the texts, emails, comments and courageous chats. I am truly fortunate to have such caring people in my life.

Until next time,



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