Little Man has developed a bit of a “boys only” thing lately. I think he’s picked it up from daycare and I know it’s totally age related but I’ve been trying to get him out of this way of thinking.

About a week ago we were chatting about his birthday that’s coming up in a few weeks and the little BBQ we’re having. I asked who we should invite, maybe his good friend, K.

“No, she’s a girl and girls can’t come”, he replied.

Now, this immediately got my back up in that “I’m a woman, I can do the same as you now clear a path while I conquer the world” kinda’ way. Resisting the urge to lecture him about how awesome girls are I instead took the age appropriate stance and simply said “well, if girls can’t come then that means me, your sisters and Nan won’t be there and without us there is no party”.

I watched him think about it for a few moments.

“K can come”. Damn right she can come!

Then, yesterday, I asked if he would like to do dance classes as well as his swimming because it’s something his sisters might do one day (you should see them popping and locking along to their musical toys!). Little Man said no, because he was a boy.

I said that boys can dance, just look at The Wiggles.

Again I was met with silent contemplation.

“Yes. I’d like to do dancing”.

I know it’s a phase and the girls will probably go through a no boys thing too (and if Hubby gets his wish it’ll last thirty years). But, I think it’s important to correct this thought process early. It’s terribly important that both genders understand their equality. I’m not just raising strong girls, I’m raising a strong boy too, who will one day be a strong man. A feminist isn’t a man-hating woman. Feminism means equality, fairness and the right for the same opportunities and it swings both ways.

I hope to teach all of my children that if they want to dance then they can dance.


K x

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