I’m creepily fascinated by what other people do on their pyjama days so thought it might be good to document what my typical day hiding at home is like. Plus Little Man is eight months and I think visiting a few pregnant friends has made me all nostalgic so I’m desperate to capture every moment. Especially since several times a day I walk into a room and forget why.

So, here is a somewhat vague version of what I got up to today…

I was woken at approximately 5:15am by LM chatting away. I continued to doze until about 5:30 then got up and, as normal, said hello to Oscar who was at the bedroom door.

I made a cup of green tea and got LM’s bottle ready. I then went into his room about 5:45 only to discover that he was asleep. I pottered about a bit, including feeding Oscar and watched as he tried to lick the pattern from his plate when he’d finished.

LM finally did his room service cry about 6:15am and, as always, I go in saying “Moooorning, did you have a good sleepy-bye?” To which I’m greeted by smiles and leg kicking. I changed his nappy (with Oscar supervising from the door) and then came into the living room where I’d already placed his bottle and my cup of tea.

This morning was different in that I called my folks on Skype because my nephews were on a sleep over. The youngest, J, was in a super cute Sully (of Monsters Inc. fame) onesie and proceeded to tell me how he often goes to the shops in it. I teased W, my older nephew, about his many girlfriends and plans for a Spongebob tattoo. Don’t get me started.

LM played as we spoke and it came to an end around 7:30 when he became tired and had to be put down for his nap.

I then did the dishwasher and put the bath mats on for a wash. I know what you’re thinking. Why am I reading about this mad woman’s mundane chores? I hear you. I’m not even too sure why I’m writing about them.

I had my breakfast of cereal and a multi-grain muffin with Vegemite. LM woke around 8:30 and had a breakfast of porridge, cheese on toast and blueberries. This three course meal took around 45 minutes to complete and then I changed him from his jammie’s to his day outfit of a turquoise, short onesie.

We then watched Toy Story whilst LM had a bottle around 10am and napped on me until 11:30. So in actual fact, I watched Toy Story!

I ate lunch whilst sitting next to LM as he played on the floor. He watched me intently so I fed him soon after.

We then played, cuddled, another bottle and nap time at 2pm. Oscar and I napped too and got up at around 3:15pm. LM woke about 4pm and we danced about (like drunk relatives at a wedding) to various tunes including Thriller, Fortunate Son and Evil Woman. I know it was good exercise as I began to feel like I needed to vomit so we then Skyped with my folks. It’s great, quite literally virtual babysitting which gives me a little break or a chance to tidy up.

He then had tea and we showered, got ready for bed, bottle, quiet time and bed by 6:30pm.

It’s now 6:45pm and I’m watching Big Bang Theory anxiously anticipating the next thunder strike. I can hear Little Man self settling and Oscar is hiding under the sofa due to the storm.

And that’s it. I’ll be getting my tea, chatting to Hubby and going to bed soon.

I hope you didn’t find this post too boring. I left quite a bit out because I did actually get dressed, put the bins out and completed some other chores. I know right, you’re so annoyed I didn’t include that stuff earlier on.

What do you get up to on your pyjama days?

Until next time,




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