I think one of the hardest things about Little Red’s health journey, is the fact that we think she’s absolutely perfect. So, to be told that there is “something wrong” with our beautiful daughter doesn’t sit well with us.


It’s difficult to explain, because it’s obviously not that we don’t see any of the physical health issues, I mean, we’d be blind not to. I guess it’s just that we don’t notice them in a negative sense. Even that statement isn’t necessarily true. We do notice that the scoliosis is changing her posture and torso and that has us extremely worried.

We’re also well aware of why we have to take her to see a physio and Occupational Therapist. We understand that pretty much all of her concerns are congenital, meaning that she probably has a condition that links them all. OR she has multiple things going on that overlap each other and it’ll take years of investigations to figure out what is the root cause/s.

But, to us, she’s just Little Red. Our sweet Baby Bear who loves books, puzzles and cuddles. She loves to laugh and make others smile too. She’s quiet but self-assured, takes a back seat to her sister but stands her ground. That’s the kind of stuff we really see. Yes, everything else concerns us on a monumental scale yet at the same time it’s all completely irrelevant to us.


Our parental love for her, and all of our children, knows no bounds. We’ll always face perceived or potential limitations head on and together as a family. We will encourage each other to always try our best and strive to constantly do more than what we initially thought we could. Sometimes this is easier said than done of course, but in this house I firmly believe that we have the stance of leaving no man behind.

Our attitude has been called inspirational and brave, but, like most parents, we just call it unconditional love.

K x





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  1. I believe that little red will always be surrounded by friends and family simple because of her personality. If she has one fault it is that her angel wings did not form as she grew in the womb! The world is a much happier place with little red in it! Xxx

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