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Seriously, I’m glad to be blogging again. During my much needed break, post ideas kept coming to me and I felt like I was compromising my identity by not having or making time to be creative. I really appreciate the opportunity of being a stay at home mum but I’m also self aware enough to know that I do have unfulfilled personal goals too.

The reality is, currently I’m really busy with no time to really do much else except parenting and trying not to fall asleep in front of the telly while Oscar creepily watches me from the arm of the couch. However, it’s become really important to me that I once again begin to explore my capabilities in a professional capacity.

I also seriously considered studying. I thought if I study now then I could be – or close to becoming – qualified in my chosen field by the time the kids are at school.

Initially I liked the idea of becoming a physiotherapist. I always associated the profession with sports or accidents for some reason, but, due to the knowledge gained after having the girls, the thought of being involved in pediatric physiotherapy really appealed to me. I soon realised that much of my motivation was potentially for the wrong reasons. You see, my children come first and my number one fear at the moment is that Little Red might live in pain due to the potential lifelong ailments she currently has. I thought that if I could help her in that capacity and be on hand whenever she may need allied health then it was 100% worth making my career.

Another real interest of mine is midwifery and it is something I’ve considered multiple times before. I felt this was a better fit for my personality. I realised I was perhaps pushing myself into physiotherapy due to the personal benefits this qualification could bring.

To cut a long story short (oops, too late) I contacted the local university to inquire if I could start either course part time. The answer was a simple no due to the amount of practical learning experience required and the fact that the nature of the information needs to be as current as possible, all of which completely makes sense to me.

Upon looking at the option of putting the girls into daycare full time and feeling slightly queasy when we calculated the cost would be $700 per week (and yes, that is with a government rebate) the idea was quickly shut down. Not only is $700 not affordable to us but I didn’t really want to put the girls in full time, and thus I looked at my blog in a new light. Read; less hobby and more self employment.

Yes I could wait the four years until the girls start school to study but I don’t want to. I need to do something for me right now and I need to not feel guilty about that (even though I kinda’ do). I believe that feeling a little lost and like I have no identity is due to not quite finding a new path for myself within this parenting journey. My background is primarily finance and becoming fully dependent on my creative side is a little daunting to say the least. Whatever the employment may be, I strongly believe that just because you have a child doesn’t mean you automatically lose your ambitions or desire to earn a living. If anything some might argue that it all becomes more spotlighted because you have more of a reason to provide for yourself and your family. I’ve personally found that’s a big part of it for me anyway.

I also feel that by establishing my own identity again and having challenges away from the home will make me more of a well rounded mother. One who is self-assured and actively trying to realise her dreams of being self-employed, a writer and contributing financially. (I feel like I should say here that this is all a personal choice and that I do not hold any judgments for those parents who stay at home full time or choose to return to work full time. This is simply my opinion about what works for me and what I think I need).

So, I’ve spent the better part of a couple of weeks doing what I’ve attempted once before but have also been talking about for YEARS and that is switching over my blog to a new site host so that I can potentially earn a living. I know, right? Slow and steady wins the race!

I’m really proud of myself for finally doing this and it seems to have really helped my mental health. The Hubster has even offered to paint and convert his man cave (an outside studio) into my home office (heartmelt!). I also have a new work schedule with two afternoons a week in the new Katie Cave so that I can actually give this a proper go. I’m under no illusions that it’ll take hard work and motivation but I don’t do things by halves so I’m pretty excited for the challenge.

You may see some changes happening over the next month or so but, as usual, I will be sure to be transparent about it all should I have the opportunity to make money. I’m also thinking about setting up a YouTube account so that I can explore whether branching out into a different medium would be fun. We’ll see. Hubby says I sound pretty shrill so there is always that to consider…

K x

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