I used to think that a spa day or weekend away in a nice hotel was luxury, but now? Now it’s if someone can do the daycare run because sometimes my mornings are complete mayhem and I wonder how I even manage to get dressed.

Take today as an example. It started off okay, I put a wash on, emptied the dishwasher, fed the girls and the boy etc. Everything was heading for that elusive 7:30am drop off goal, y’know, the one where you’re at the childcare centre before the door is officially unlocked.

So, there I was, getting all excited thinking I could be back home before 8am when I see Little Red doing her number two face around 7am – just as I’m about to go get ready. That’s okay, one quick change then I’ll jump in the shower.

No Katie, you really shouldn’t be this naive anymore because it’s EVERYWHERE. I carry her at arms length to the bedroom where I gingerly undress her, deal with the mess (including getting some on my hand), put her clean nappy on and remember that I have another baby. I pick Little Red up and dash into the living area just in time to see Copperhead about to put my laptop wire in her mouth. LR goes down on the play mat and I reposition C where she promptly gets her sister in a headlock. “They’ll be right”, I think to myself. Little Man pipes up that he’s hungry again.

I go back to deal with the soiled clothes, scooping them up and going into the laundry to find the soaking bucket and see that there is some of the boys underpants that have been in there for who knows how long. With one hand I heave the bucket up and chuck the contents in the sink. The water level – complete with chunks I might add – doesn’t move. The sink is blocked with what looks like dryer fluff. GAH! Well, it has to be done, doesn’t it? I put my fingers to the plug hole and scoop everything out. That’s me done with finger foods for a while but hurrah for the dysentery inducing water finally disappearing.

I finish my task, wash my hands several times and come out to be reminded that LR is still in just a nappy but now with some kind of matted hair look going on too. And what is this all over the play mat anyway? Has she been sick?

No. But C appears to have sneezed a few times. The most fitting description regarding the volume I’m seeing is that bit in Jurassic Park when the little girl goes to pat the brachiosaur. I wipe C’s face, LR’s head and the play mat as best I can. I think she’ll be sporting a questionable hairstyle today but at least she’s not in a headlock anymore.

What was I doing again?

Oh yes. Getting LR dressed, then me, brush teeth and GO!

I grab a onesie and sort job one. Done. I decide against a shower because I can’t leave the girls to roll about and I have no bouncy chairs to strap them into because of the epic number two situation last night (did I even tell you about that?), not to mention this morning. A quick wash will have to do, but what shall I wear?

It’s supposed to be 31 degrees today so a dress makes sense except I can’t remember when I last shaved my legs. Leggings and top it is!

Little Man appears in the bathroom to brush his teeth just as I start mine. He seems to have passed the starvation stage since he is no longer asking for food and the light of finally loading up the car is in sight. I brush my hair, thank goodness for top knots is all I can say, and shout a bit too frantically to put our shoes on. And, after three trips up and down the stairs in order to get all the bags and everyone in the car, we’re off.

I get home just after 9am but hey, it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon! I make a cup of tea and feed C her bottle where she immediately vomits all over me. Looks like I’ll be wearing that dress after all.

Now both girls are asleep and the house is quiet and peaceful. I sit with my cuppa’ and listen to the birds outside, Oscar appears for a cuddle and the last few hours of unpredictable chaos feels like a lifetime ago.

K x




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