So there I was, innocently enjoying a trip in the city, when BOOM! I remembered there was a Lush around the corner from the hotel.

Obviously it would be rude to not even stop by and say hello. So as Hubby entertained Little Man I had a browse. The shop assistant was ridiculous lovely and helpful. I even got a delicate hand massage as she applied some product I was considering to see if I’d react to it.

Anyway, I settled on two things. The Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub and the Mask of Magnaminty (which, according to The Mothership, sounds like a super hero). Don’t ask me how I know, but they both taste delicious.


I have really sensitive skin so am always a bit cautious of over exfoliation or using a lot of products on my face, but OH. EM. GEE. I used this the same night we arrived home and I am in love. It wasn’t too abrasive but it still feels like an exfoliation. I used it all over my face and body and my skin felt so soft afterwards. While I normally end up a little red in the face, I had no reaction to this at all. A perfect skin refresher if you ask me and I will definitely be adding this to my weekly routine.


Similar to the Ocean Salt product above, this left my skin feeling smooth and soft with no redness or tightness from sensitivity. You need quite a lot of product to put on your face but it smelt so delicious I didn’t mind! The face mask has a limited shelf life so I know I’ve only got until the end of March to use it all. But, in a way, that’s a great thing because I’ll actually use it weekly instead of putting it aside and forgetting about it after the first go. In other news, Little Man thought I looked hilarious with this applied. Nothing like an audience laughing at you to help boost your confidence.

Have you used any Lush products and if so what? I’d love to hear any recommendations you might have.

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    1. I’ve heard people rave about the Big Shampoo, may have to try it. My scalp gets really dry so I have to be careful but so far the Lush products have never dried my skin out. Hmmmm, I obviously need another trip to check out more stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

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