Saturday was Little Man’s birthday party and the onesie pictured above was part of his outfit (it was one of those saw and had to have moments). It was an amazing day with a great turn out and I couldn’t have hoped for better. Following is just a quick post about the set up/event.

I got a lot of inspiration from Heather over at The Lovely Cupboard, I really liked the bagel idea from this post and thought it would be less time consuming than the sliders I initially planned on doing. Unfortunately I failed to get any pictures of the food because I was too busy swanning about and being the hostess with the mostess but we had fruit skewers, vegetable nibbles, sausage rolls, spring rolls, sandwiches and bagels. My good friend and LM’s Godmum, D, (who gets him the awesome clothes) thoughtfully made various dips and some chocolate brownies that everyone raved over – I will get the recipe to share with you because I lost count of the number of people who asked for it!

A special thanks to Hubby’s Mum, J, for helping me chop and skewer at 6:30am before coming back at party time to continue with serving plates of food and making sure everyone was well and truly fed. It allowed me to do what I do best – talk!

For the cake I didn’t want the usual sugar-fest and after researching recipes and deliberating for ages I decided to just go with a basic Victoria Sponge but with wholemeal flour and slightly less sugar. I baked four sponges and layered them with lemon curd and cream and blueberries. T’was quite delicious if I do say so myself! (I will post the recipe soon).

I used baby food jars filled with jelly beans and other sweet delights for my thank-you’s. On the table they were set up on I had a guest book and glass bowl with non-food items for guests to choose from.

And behind the scenes of preparing the jars – with our little helper of course…

LM watching Daddy spray paint the jar lids
LM watching Daddy spray paint the jar lids

Little Man was truly spoilt with many awesome gifts, some of which I will post about soon.

A massive thank you to everyone that came to celebrate his (and our) special day. As I discussed recently, Little Man was very much a longed for baby and even though my pregnancy went relatively smoothly it did not stop our anxiety or superstitions regarding baby showers, so we didn’t have one and purchased only essential items before his birth. This party was for us as parents as well as LM to celebrate the milestone and to thank everyone for their unwavering support over the past several years.

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