Marks & Spencers

Gifted by The Mothership and Dad. 

For those of you who know the (UK) Marks and Sparks adverts then you’ve probably already figured out where I’m going with this. Whenever Little Man wears this T-shirt that is the tagline we are going to say to him. All. Day. Good times.

Apparently my Sister-From-Another-Mr, C, has been hanging onto the below T-shirt for ages. I love it, but unfortunately it also brought back painful memories of when I used to play TMNT with my big brother and his friends and, as the only girl, I always had to be April. Stupid boys. 


And last but by no means least, a gift from my good friend and LM’s Godmum, D. How cool is this top? I mean seriously, I need to start coordinating our outfits again.


And these shorts are so cute and lightweight – perfect for this summer weather (hello, 40°c) although, I now want to get LM some tiny loafers to complete the look but since he’ll just try to eat them I’ll have to wait for a few more years to pass.

I LOVE tiny clothes, they make me get all high pitched and jazz-handy. 

What a great opportunity for LM to start 2014 in style, if only I could say the same about me.

Hope you had a good one (if you celebrated) and once again I wish you a happy and healthy year.

Until next time,



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