As you know we are in major preparations to move interstate. Our house is officially on the market with an open home already behind us. It’s been a busy few weeks getting the garden and house ready but luckily for you I took a few pictures…

Little Man obviously supervised most of the work. Big props to Hubby and his folks who worked pretty tirelessly over a two week period. Now I know what Hubby can achieve in a weekend I’m confident our next house will be fully landscaped within a matter of months and not the five years it’s taken us to get this far. I’m sure he fully regrets working so hard because now there are no excuses!

House-wise we had a lot of sorting to do but luckily I did that big spring clean at the beginning of the year so it was more paperworky type stuff. The thing I’ve found most difficult is keeping the house tidy when Little Man can form a tornado of destruction in less than thirty seconds and undo it all.

Oscar also knows something is happening and has taken to scratching and howling in the middle of the night. Due to my pregnancy hormones I either get incredibly angry or weep uncontrollably at my broken sleep.

Which brings me to how the neighbourhood has reacted to our “For Sale” sign going up. Cars slowed down to a shameless speed in order to have a nose and naturally we had lots of questions, as we worked in the yard and the garage, some light and easy, some deeply personal. It was the blatantly obvious ones that got to me by the end of the day because after feeling sick as a dog plus exhausted beyond belief, anyone would get sick of the inquiries by complete strangers. When someone else caught me on my way to the bin whilst blatantly reading the sign he instantly shouted “are you selling then?”. I felt my English sarcasm rise and was tempted to drop my bag of rubbish, march over to him, stand there and say “What? Who the f*ck put that sign there?”. But I didn’t. I merely said yes and carried on going.

Next time though.



    1. Thank you – I picked the plants but it was Hubby’s work! Bloody cats, who’d ‘ave ’em?! Lol. Thank you, I think we are, I really need one of those scan equipment things at home πŸ˜‰

  1. Well done to all on the hard work! Oh you should of gone with the sarcasm response to the question lol πŸ˜‰

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