I’ll be honest, I cannot write poems. I don’t know how to and was always terrible at it when at school so this isn’t one of those non-rhyming poems – I’m not even sure it could even be classed as one? Sometimes it just helps to think of myself as a third person, to detach a little so I can figure out what it is I’m actually feeling.


As she got dressed she thought about the pregnancy announcements she had just read, both making a sibling,
They made her a little sad but she knew she had a big day so resolved to carry on without letting the self-pity in,
After dressing her child and grabbing the cupcakes off the counter she set off on her journey,
She finally arrived at the baby shower.

On her way home she thought about what fun it had been,
It’s always good to let her Little Man have a play with other kids,
Her mind wandered back to the pregnancy announcements from this morning,
Apart from happiness for the parents she still didn’t know exactly how she felt.

A quick lunch and a suggestion of a walk on the beach before going to the hospital,
This sounded like a great idea for she was excited but also worried about going,
After viewing the ocean and feeling the sun on her face they made the trip to the place where Little Man was born,
And she was overcome with joy upon seeing her friends with their newborn son.

In the evening she thought about the pregnancy announcements again,
Wondering all kinds of things,
Finally her facade crumbled,
And, in the glow of the computer screen, she softly cried.


Until next time,



  1. Beautiful. The feelings of joy for our friends and loved ones and sadness for ourselves is such a strange paradox. Wish we didn’t have to know it feels. Sending you a big hug.

  2. This echos exactly how I have felt in every way. It seems like everyone around you is spawning and your ticket number just never gets called, one of my girlfriends just had her third and I am still waiting for one. I am genuinely happy for my friends, but my internal hurt is hidden behind a double-brick facade until I can get home to my bedroom and have a cry then listen to Pink to make myself feel better. As it always has been, my bedroom is my haven.

    1. I’m so sorry that you can relate, it’s definitely a juggling act to manage your emotions throughout the day sometimes. I agree that music can pull you out of it – it can be a powerful release. Thanks for your message and I really think that Pink should be in everyone’s day! 🙂

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