Today’s blog is brought to you by me writing alone, in my new work space. Well, I say work space when really I mean our granny flat that will be doubling as my office when our folks aren’t staying with us. (Just to clarify, Michael and I don’t have the same parents. We’re not in some weird brother-husband type marriage. Wow. The fact I feel the need to say this has me questioning my trust of who may read this post and the internet in general!).

Anyway, at the moment it sounds like a herd of elephants has taken over my living room which lies directly above me, however I’m sure it is only the children building yet another cushion fort.


Hubby and I have been talking a lot about money these past few weeks. Namely, how do we get more?! It’s not that we’re greedy or in dire straits. It’s simply that we would like to renovate our home, ideally before the asbestos roof caves in on us. We also need to seriously budget for Little Red’s ongoing medical expenses. Our thought process is if we end up getting help from a government scheme then great, but we feel it’s best to not expect or rely on it.

We have top health insurance which is awesome, but obviously that comes with a cost. The reality is though, with most things medical, it’s not just about the financial aspect. If you’ve been reading my blog for a tiny while, then you’ll know how frequent Little Red’s medical appointments have been. At one point it was an appointment once a week. I’m not sure how I could have gone back to my normal work under the circumstances.


To get back on track, I’ve been pretty outspoken in my desire to contribute more to our household financially. But how? I’ve suggested working a weekend retail job or even at a fast food outlet, thus giving me flexibility with shifts. Before I had chance to start applying, Hubby suggested I give my blog more time to grow. Something I desire but, honestly, like most parents I REALLY struggle with time.


I greatly admire stay at home mothers who start a new business while on maternity leave. Those parents who seem to still have energy at the end of the day to work or study are like kittens to me. I want to watch them, pat them and possibly bring them home. Personally, come the evening I’m so shattered that I have no motivation to do anything except Netflix and chill. And no, I don’t mean the rude kind of activity that that saying apparently has. I LITERALLY MEAN Netflix and chill. Bed by nine thirty if I’m feeling crazy.

For a while now, part of me has been feeling a bit jaded at how unmotivated I am come the end of the day. Surely I should be able to muscle up the effort to jump on my computer and pop out a post, no? I mean, if I truly and completely wanted it then I could, right? Yeah, but I also know my limitations and I’m learning to become okay with that.


I never really liked the saying “having it all” or even when it’s put upon people in the media. Surely this means different things to different people? Without wanting to sound like I’m bragging, I already feel like I “have it all”. I’m in a happy relationship, we have three beautiful children and a home that we love. Yes, I would like more time to blog. Yes, I would like to be earning a regular income from it. But no, I’m unwilling to push myself at the expense of other things in my life that matter more to me at the moment. Namely sleep and a need to relax and switch off at the end of the day.

At least in the week, that is.


Saturdays are now MINE. To work from home, to do MY thing and to give this self employment a better shot. I think, as well, to stand up for myself and say I need time. I can’t do it all the way things currently are.

It feels good. No, scrap that. In the words of Tony the Tiger, it feels Grrrrrrreat! No more kitchen counter blogging in between making snacks and changing nappies, people. Shit just got real!

K x


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