As I recently mentioned, I’ve joined a gym. I aim to do classes rather than my own thing because then I know it ends at a certain time and it allows me to push myself. I’ve been doing Beginners Zumba for a few weeks now and it occurred to me that maybe I should write about my experience.

On the whole, very enjoyable. I find myself smiling, laughing and, frankly, letting the beat take over for the thirty minute class.

In my head I believe I look like a cross between Sofia Vergara, Shakira and Christina Aguilera during her Dirrty phase. In my heart, I know I look more like a penguin trying to master Irish Dance. There is always a point in the class where I have a slight panic and think “my arms, my arms, what do I normally do with them?”, but I’m pretty sure no one has noticed the out-of-sync way I wave them around.

I intend to step it up to the proper hour long Zumba class, which is apparently “much faster”, soon.

My main goal is to remain injury free. And, if I’m being really honest, to hide the fact jazz-hands comes so naturally to me.

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