I’ve actually been adding to this post since the 8th February in a bid to have a place where I could have a visual reminder of all we had done – even the mundane stuff. What follows is a mega photo dump of 2014.

January : Lot’s of beach days and general fun. Well, as much fun as you can have whilst on fertility meds!

February : Little Man had a love of watermelon, water play and I got more into my photography.

March : My folks visited and we held Little Man’s first birthday party. I had a chemical pregnancy and we made the decision to try and conceive until April.

April : I enjoy the cooler weather and increased my neighbourhood walks. I also found out I was pregnant with Yogi.

May : An awesome trip to New Zealand started the month and a miscarriage sadly ended it.

June : I remember that the beach was our therapy. I launched my photo blog, Amongst the Pineapples, to help as a distraction.

July : We visited The Big Pineapple zoo and spent most of the month outdoors.

August : I have little recollection of this month but I remember the box and basket play! The photo of me (top right) was taken during that weekend. I wanted to capture the moment for some reason. I think to remember – not the horror of what we were going through, but the time I spent with Peanut. In that picture I was pregnant and it was worth capturing.

September : We started our garden renovations and I didn’t really use my camera too much. Mainly just for dinosaur shorts!

October : I started cramming for my university exam and work continued on our garden renovations.

November : My folks visited again and we had the best month ever. A trip to Byron Bay, Little Mans first haircut (by yours truly) and a traditional English roast dinner cooked by my parents to celebrate an early Christmas together.

December : I passed my exam and became genuinely excited for Christmas in the sun. We had a great day with family and I remain more than thankful for all of my family and friends – near and far.

I also received four peer awards of which I am extremely proud and grateful for each nomination.

I hope you can look back at your 2014 with a smile on your face. As most of you will know, it’s been a particularly tough year for us which I’ll address in my next post (sounds fun, doesn’t it?). There’s been other stuff going on which I couldn’t/didn’t write about during the time but needless to say, Hubby and I are both looking forward to starting 2015. It is a beautiful symbol of hope for us and I want to take this opportunity to wish you a year of health, happiness and love.

Until next time,



        1. Naaaww, thank you *blush* 😀 I love looking at yours too, I think because the climates and weather are so different, you should definitely keep posting them 🙂

    1. Thanks – you can spot him in a crowd that’s for sure! I’m really pleased I did the photo dump because I’d forgotten so much from the first 6 months. You can always do it for this year 😉

  1. I really like this photodump idea! Especially now that I have moved abroad this could be a fab way to give my family and friends a nice “year in review”.

    1. It really is a great way to remember. I did each month pretty much as soon as it’d finished so I could choose my most special moments. It’s nice to look at and reminisce for yourself but also perfect for family and friends if you’re wanting to share with them – you should totally do it! 🙂

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