As you know, the month of June has been a particularly upsetting one. I used my camera a lot though, so I’ve tried to pick out some photos I’ve not shared with you yet. Enjoy…

You can tell it’s winter because we spent most of it outside. Summer is just far too hot for me so my hibernation is back to front!

june pd

June pd

Lots of beach days.

june pd

I’m sure there could be a Cat vs Baby post in this next one!

Garden fun..

More beach days.

You know how I like to co-ordinate our dress…

Such beautiful coral, shells and rocks…

Little Man has started picking up shells and rocks at the beach. It’s so cute how he holds onto them with his tiny hands – like it’s the most precious thing he’s ever found.

Crab hole:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this months photos, using my camera has been helping heaps.

Until next time,



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