August, what can I say about you? A month of change, routines, and seemingly unending piles of washing. Oh, and also despair, anguish (I always forget the little things) but also a kind of beauty and appreciation that can only be seen during certain times of emotional upheaval.


Oscar in his sunbeam of quiet contemplation…

I love the magical feeling that sunbeams can sometimes create (not to be confused with the above photo).


I was going to say that I’ve not been using my camera much. I was going to write this time, as in relation to how much I wanted to use it with Yogi. I’ve simply not had the motivation but I can never stay away from my camera for too long – the below pictures are just a tiny snippet of what I took last week, the ones above are pretty much three weeks worth. I’m feeling good about this, I know when I start appreciating the simple beauty around me and it inspires me enough to want to capture it that I’m doing okay. How simple but reassuring.

Homemade Tuna Cakes

This reminded me of a Mummy and her baby

Until next time,



  1. Awww, they are beautiful!!! I love the one of Oscar sitting on the table, looking like he is reading the card on the flowers like they are for him 🙂 oh and I need to get your tuna cake recipe x

    1. Thanks Jade 🙂 I will be sure to post the recipe. They were so easy and Little Man loves them, plus they freeze well. I will make it a priority to do it this week for you 😀

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