My OBGYN asked a couple of weeks ago. “No” I innocently and genuinely replied, although Hubby has cousins who are twins.

Imagine my complete surprise when The Mothership informs me at the weekend that YES! Yes I do in fact have twins in the family – on both my parents sides. Her great aunties (or Mum’s cousins, I forget which) and my Dad’s uncles were apparently fraternal twins. I realise this last sentance makes it sound a bit, erm, “inappropriate touching between first cousins” but what I mean is The Mothership had great aunties who were twins and my Dad (not my brother-cousin) had uncles who were not only a completely separate family but also twins.

Apparently they only realised recently and failed to tell me before the whole twin-thing happened to yours truly. My reaction of “WTF why didn’t you tell me?” was said in jest but seriously… WTF! I’m so pleased that the recent developments of my pregnancy made them remember this vital family tree information. It’s always good to find a way to jog the memory.

They explained they didn’t really put two and two together since the sets weren’t identical. Riiiiiiight.

It’s kind of lucky I didn’t conceive on my fertility treatment, I could have had quads!! And just to clarify, this post was written with a smirk on my face and a jovial shake of my head.

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  1. It was my grandad who was a twin. He was a giant of a man but his twin was average size. My granddads name was Gavin (as I and my father are) his twin was Michael I think or john (it’s a small world right)!! Love dad xxx

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