You may remember me mentioning the fact that I am studying. Now, just to recap, I started in the first semester of this year but deferred my exam in June due to losing Yogi at the end of May. My exam was postponed until November so I pretty much spent October cramming… Good times.

I sat my exam and completed both parts – A and B – with no issues and waited patiently for 4pm on Friday 28th November for the advisement that I had passed or failed.

Picture the scene of that very afternoon – I sat at my computer screen and nervously read the announcement that results were ready at 3:45. I clicked away, following the convoluted instructions of how to access deferred and supplementary exam results. Nothing.

I kept refreshing. Nothing.

At 4:25pm I called the university and am casually told, “oh, deferred and supplementary exam results won’t be ready until Monday or Tuesday”. I resist the urge to swear and smash the handset and instead provide feedback that a simple communication on their website would have been much appreciated.

I keep checking on the Monday. Nothing. On the Tuesday. Nothing. I called the university and am again met with someone telling me to be patient but actually providing no date as to when I can expect an answer. The person was really apologetic and the language she used makes me think it has happened to her at some point. Anyway, come Wednesday evening – still nothing (surprising, right?) – I am ready to get in the car and drive the three hours to the campus to hunt down the mothertrucker who has my results. Instead I shoot off a stern email about lack of basic communication, my frustration and the, perhaps too sarcastic, question as to if I should expect my grade any time this year.

Nothing. Well, an automatic reply but still, it’s not good enough.

Thursday arrives and I receive… wait for it…. half of my exam results. “HALF?” I hear you cry? That’s right People. I receive confirmation that I have passed part B of my exam. Now, WHO inputs the second half of results but not the first bit??? Seriously, my OCD was off the charts at this point. Naturally, I keep checking and go to bed knowing I have passed at least half of my exam.

A week after the official release date I was still waiting. I mean, was my firmly worded email not even read? Have they purposely saved half of my exam results to input at 11:55pm on the 31st December just to spite me?

I decided to call up again midday Friday and was told that there was an issue with part A being processed. I was explained the way it works, eg. it goes to various people and then entered onto my self service menu but when I asked if it was the same process for everyone and did all the other students have their results the reply was yes. I asked if I would get my grade before Christmas and was told “I can’t say”. Well, okay then. At this point Hubby was convinced that my exam paper had been lost.

After some brief Googling it turns out some supplementary exam papers could have been “misplaced” and other students (not on my course) are asking questions. Well, I’m not too sure what to think apart from trying to not let my rage turn me into The Hulk and looking into other universities that offer courses via distance learning because the whole experience is making me question whether I should continue with my current university. I mean, ten weeks into the first semester (and after I had completed an online test and the majority of an essay for my module) I called up to ask a simple question and was met with “oh, thank goodness you’ve called. We were going to cancel your enrollement on Friday because we haven’t got a copy of your citizenship certificate”. The person sounded as equally panicked as what I became, especially when I told them I had already sent it in and er, why not just call me about it rather than kick me off the course altogether?

Are you noticing a pattern about their administration and communication skills? Seriously, it doesn’t bode well for me, does it?

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