It was recently your second birthday and I can’t believe how fast it has arrived. It only feels like last year since I sat and wrote a post very similar to this one.

I know every parent thinks they have the best child but, for me, it’s true!

You have such a beautiful personality and your empathy and affection for other people is inspirational when I take your young age into consideration. You comfort other children when they cry and greet people with a smile, wave and often a hug too. I love that I never really taught you that, it just comes so naturally to you.

You are yet to talk in big people language but you communicate so beautifully in other ways. You listen 95% of the time and I am proud of the way you are so well behaved – again, it seems, with little effort on my part.

Today your Dad and I spoke about what our life would be like if the miracle that is you hadn’t entered our life. Our conversation was pretty short because it would simply be boring!

I look forward to watching TV in bed with you, our swimming and gymnastic classes and the quiet moments when we are colouring-in because I just want to be around you. Spending time with you is my favourite thing to do – no matter what it is and when I’m not with you I feel a shadow of myself. In those rare moments when I’m alone, my heart beats differently, I keep thinking I hear you and I daydream of what you might be doing.

I hope you keep your lovely and gentle-natured personality. Everyone in the neighbourhood knows you and lights up when they see us coming simply because of who you are – never feel like you have to change to conform. Embrace the ease in which you show your compassionate side and be proud of your empathy. It really is something that cannot be taught.

I won’t say I love you to the moon and back because it’s nowhere near enough. I love everything about you, I always will and never ever forget it.

Mummy x


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