The cooler weather is upon us and I’m loving it – purely because I have some winter clothes for Little Man that I have been excited about for MONTHS!

Anyway, here are some photos from an early morning walk we took recently…

The turtle hat was a gift (complete with the same patterned leggings and a white t-shirt) when LM was a wee baby. He wore the hat last winter when his hands couldn’t easily take it off his head and I am thrilled to bits that it still fits him. Not so happy about the fact he can take it off and swirl it about while looking at me as I try to control the panic in my eyes whilst wondering where he is going to throw it. I know he’s thinking “would she retrieve it out of that garden?”.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to get a picture of how the grass twinkled in the sunlight due to the rain droplets.

I loved this tree with the orange leaves peaking out from behind the green foliage.

And finally… nearly home with the hat safely stored in a pram pocket but with LM turning around to smile up at me whilst mischievously waving his dummy about like he is going to throw it so I’ll pick it up and thus continue with the fun game that I am a puppy in training. Good times.

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