Years and years ago, I remember a friend remarking that “there is a never a dull moment in Katie’s house”. I felt, and still do, extremely proud of this. I try to make the days fun for Little Man whether that is dancing about, singing, yelling, commando crawling everywhere, playing peek-a-boo or simply experimenting with different activities.

Yes, sometimes I do incorporate everyday chores into our play and that photo at the top of the page is indeed LM in a laundry basket having a smashing time.

But I digress.

Last week was no exception and I have the proof to show you.

Behold my sons food-colouring dyed hand…

And the picture we made…


Told you I was fun. And due to the ridiculously strong dye the whole world will know it, at least during the time it continues to gradually fade.

Until next time,


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