As you know I normally get horrendously homesick this time of year but because we had a traditional English roast in November with my folks I kind of feel like I’ve already had it.

Yes, I definitely feel less homesick and a lot more merry than I have in many years. I actually got a few extra decorations this year instead of being scrooge-like and was pretty excited to put the tree up and to witness the amazement in Little Man and Oscar’s eyes. Why Oscar’s? Well, his amazement in that we still put it up every year despite the fact he’s eaten half of it and treats it like his own personal fortress of solitude. He never fails to swipe the ankles of whoever may be near by, even if, say, you’re only standing close enough to admire the poopsicle.

Anyway, last Friday we got the tree box down from it’s year long storage place and with loud enthusiasm repeatedly asked Little Man “what’s in the box? WHAT’S IN THE BOX?”. Unfortunately it was too similar a scene to when Brad Pitt asks Morgan Freeman the very same question in the movie, Seven. Needless to say, once it’d been pointed it out, the mood was killed somewhat and we just got on with it. LM had a great time passing his dad all the decorations to place on the tree and didn’t try to eat the tinsel once. I was so proud.

Since we’re talking about Christmas, I decided it was time I updated my 2013 post that detailed my decorations of that year. I know how you’ve all been anxiously waiting for it (kidding, I’m not that big-headed!) since the great Photo Deletion of 2014.

Speaking of photos, I think I’m going to have to stop uploading as many. I’m pretty close to my limit and am currently feeling too cheap to purchase any kind of upgrade. I know, I know. What will I do with all those leaf shots?

And last but not least, I got word that I’ve passed my university module. After calling repeatedly and asking them if they had lost my exam paper and having a brief argument about whether I was being penalized for sitting a deferred exam (I won), they eventually tracked the faculty down and told me verbally that I’d passed. Apparently the faculty have been “having some issues” – I would never have guessed – and a week later my points were available online and I’m pleased it was a high pass but disappointed I skimmed a credit. I pride myself on being high-achieving so was feeling a little down on myself until Hubby told me how proud he was that’d I’d managed to get through it in view of everything that’s happened this year. I wouldn’t say I’m “proud” of myself but I definitely wonder how I did do it, especially with a needy toddler hanging off me for the better part of a day.

I’ve enrolled in the 2015 first semester already with the view to take the introductory law and management courses. At the moment I feel motivated but also slightly confused at why I’m putting myself through it again whilst Little Man is so dependent on me. But then I figured if I don’t crack on I’ll just keep deferring and won’t actually complete the degree, which you may remember is one of my goals for my thirty-decade. I really don’t want to be writing the same wishes when I’m forty!

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  1. A pass is a pass is a pass as they say! If you do your best at the time with what you have at that time then that’s all that can be asked of anyone? But you know that so given the circumstances and what was occurring at the time I think a pat on the back is the least you can give yourself, don’t you? Dad xxx

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