Well, it was going to happen one day – removing the pregnancy related bundle from our health insurance. We’ve had it on there since the beginning of time the policy. It’s my safety net and has enabled my “what if” moments. It is the last hurrah in our journey to have multiple children. Once that is gone I know we’re done. You see, I couldn’t bear not to have the level care I’ve experienced nor to have my OBGYN on tap, she admits that I just wouldn’t receive the same level in the public system and that frightens me – especially as I know it would be a high risk pregnancy.

The bundle is $100 a month to keep. I always said I didn’t want children past the age of 35 (no offense to those who do, it’s just a personal thing and it would mark around ten years of trying so I kind of need an end date, if you know what I mean?). So, if I keep it on that’s approximately $5000 on insurance we may not necessarily use.

Now, I am a finances person. My Dad taught me well from a young age and my employment history is within the banking/financial/legal industries so, put simply, when it comes to budgeting I know my shit. But you don’t have to be a genius to know that $5000 would come in oh so handy.

Hubby let’s me do all that kind of stuff. I kind of enjoy it in a weird way and his theory is if it was left up to him our mortgage wouldn’t get paid but we’d have a pretty sweet TV. So, when I broached the subject of removing the bundle and he quite quickly replied, “take it off” it took me by surprise. You see, his response would have been more emotional than financial.

I’ve noticed how at peace he has become with our future being a little three. Maybe “at peace” isn’t the correct phrase, he’s sure of himself and admits he couldn’t go through another loss and thus his decision is made. At first I wasn’t on board and I know I could have swayed him if I really wanted to go through another bout of trying but the truth was, I’m not sure I did want to go through it either.

Still, I cannot bring myself to take it off. Not just yet. But soon.

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  1. It’s hard to go through life without regrets, the secret I’ve learned is to try to have as few as possible and also not to dwell on them because that’s just beating yourself up ! Xxx

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