I’ve been busy working on some blog posts about various things including home decor, newborns and a few crafty Christmas ideas. But I felt the need for a bit of a ramble…

Since Hubby works away it can be selfishly difficult for me to give up my time with Little Man. My will to live confidence was also shattered slightly during the ‘rejection phase‘.

So when Hubby returned to work earlier this week, I excitedly went in to get LM up in the morning, knowing he was stuck with me, but I could see him looking around for his dad. His eyes were saying “is there anyone else out there besides you?”

Spending the day together was just like old times (no, I am not dramatising the length of Hubby’s annual leave – two weeks is like seven in mum years). We played together, ate together and I actually made him laugh hysterically by doing a tasteful dance in the style of MC Hammer. 

Then his dad called at tea time and, when I put him on loud speaker, LM gave the biggest smile of The. Whole. Day.

I’m thinking that I’m going to have to step it up a notch and actually get some MC Hammer trousers to truly win his love back and become the favourite again. I’m nowt but committed.

I’m genuinely happy that LM loves his daddy, especially with the whole working away thing, but it’s as devastating as that time, years ago, when Hubby explained the obvious hierarchy in the house to me:



Apparently it means that Oscar doesn’t respect me and I have no authority.

I’d been blissfully unaware that Hubby was leader of the pack with Oscar as second in command. I was still under the illusion that I was the cats favourite since I’m the one that emotionally blackmailed Hubby in order to get him. But alas, once my eyes were opened to the truth it could not be unlearned.

We’re all friends here so yes, I’m still not over it!

Until next time,


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