Following on from my recent posts, I’m always pleasantly surprised that I notice different things on our walks no matter how many times I’ve gone the same route. I think the weather changes things up so much…

Like this tree that seems to be so small and dainty yet vibrant compared to the ones behind it.

When it’s been raining the droplets catch in certain plants or leave others glistening.

I especially like these native Australian trees with the pealing bark. I’d love to use some in a piece of art, either on canvas or even simply framing some. The texture of it is amazing.

A few weeks ago it was miserable weather and the street lights came on early due to the grey sky and at times it seemed like the wet leaves on the trees were sparkling. The only word I could describe it as is magical. I just wish I’d had my camera with me that day!

I must admit, I loved the dreary weather. No one was about except for LM and I so it seemed eerily quiet on the park with only the ducks for company. It was as if it was our own little world and I couldn’t help but think about how much happiness he brings to my day…

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