As you know, we’ve been slowly unpacking the mountain of boxes in our garage and yesterday I had the displeasure of finding the bathroom scales. This morning I weighed myself and, upon seeing the numbers, have been pushed into sorting it out. After all, what has been seen cannot be unseen.

It’s not the number on the scale that bothers me as much as feeling unhealthy and none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fitting. I haven’t felt like myself because of the general unfitness and restricted clothing choices. I’m bright and flamboyant damn it and I miss the spots, stripes and colourful options of yesteryear. I’d be lying if I said my confidence hasn’t been suffering, the feelings of upset naturally being comforted by chocolate.

It’s important to me that I be a good role model to my children when it comes to food, health, fitness and body image. I don’t need to become a pin-up or have abs of steel to feel any of these things. I do need energy from good food and exercise and a positive self-assurance from feeling good about my appearance and general wellbeing though.

I need to lose just over 12kg (26lb) to be at my pre-pregnancy weight. In reality a further 10kg in order to be deemed “healthy”. But the thought of the big number is too much. I work better with smaller, more attainable goals.

I’ve asked a dear friend of mine, who also happens to be a talented photographer, to take some family photos of us at the beginning of July. That leaves me ten weeks from today to lose 10kg. Weigh Day will be a Saturday morning.

I will initially be making simple changes to my diet, trying to move more and then I hope to join a gym later in the year. I don’t want to put the girls in a crèche until they’re on solids due to additional vitamins they’re currently taking and the added health risks if they get sick etc.

I’ll be doing an update every Saturday (to help keep me accountable!) and I’d appreciate any support, encouragement or hints and tips. If there is anyone out there who wants to join in feel free. After all, there is safety in numbers (pardon the pun).

I’ll be honest and say I find losing weight really fudging hard. I’ll blame my PCOS and not my love of food, but I’ve done it before (I lost weight in order to initially get pregnant and after having Little Man) and I can do it again. I’m sprinkling happy healthy salad thoughts all over the mothertrucking place! See you next Saturday podge crusaders. K x

Goal: 10kg (22lbs) by July 2nd
Week 0
Lost: 0
To go: 10kg / 22lbs


  1. Could I love you any MORE right now? (yes, I used the L word).
    Last night I freaked. I weight myself (of course) and had gained 7 more pounds last week… that’s a total of 45 since I LEFT THE HOSPITAL WITH THE GIRLS.
    I was gonna tell you the story but I realized that’d be at least 5 paragraphs so I might copy your idea and write about the whole thing in my blog, if I’m allowed.
    Anyway, this morning I woke up focused. I wanna write THIS ENDS NOW everywhere in the kitchen – but I won’t.
    It’s my body and I’m supposed to be the boss.
    Let’s do this, girl!
    I’ll be here next Saturday!

    1. I’ve put weight on since leaving the hospital too. I think you are confined more to the couch/house with twins. If I’d had a singleton I’d be out walking more but leaving the house with the girls is such an operation! Plus the mountains of washing and cleaning… I may never leave!!! Lol

      Let’s do it together. I’ve certainly felt more motivated knowing I’m accountable in a public forum 😊 I’ll be waiting for you to get in touch tomorrow x

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