Well, given that I’ve not posted in a few days my new “writing everyday” mentality seems to be faltering already. Awesome! In all honesty this week has been a bit of a weird one. Hubby had to go interstate for work on Tuesday and Wednesday and while this would normally be fine because we have activities lined up like daycare and playgroup, this week all that went to sh*t, literally.

Following weeks of illness I was now contending with an EXTREMELY (see, capitals and everything) clingy Little Red. Copperhead has been frustrated by this, which is understandable, but has taken to quite a lot of lashing out these past few days. It’s followed by crying and wanting lot’s of cuddles (that’s both of us by the way, not just me) so it’s been pretty full on.

I’d like to say I just haven’t had the time to write, which is true, but also I’ve been too tired to even feel slightly motivated about it.


I received a “courtesy call” from Little Man’s daycare informing me he’d just had a cheeky vom in the garden bed. I was told this was probably down to the two morning teas he’d consumed before doing laps of the play area. They’d taken his temperature and weren’t particularly worried because he was saying he felt fine but if it happened again I’d have to go get him. A plan I was totally on board with, especially since we had had sickness in our house albeit a few days ago.

Come that afternoon, and hearing nothing for hours, I assumed it really was a case of eyes bigger than the belly and, during the girls nap, settled down to watch a Property Ladder from 2001. I know, why? The fixtures and fittings… sooooooo dated. But Sarah Beeny talks such perfect sense, amiright?

Anyway, daycare called, in rather a panicked tone I have to say. Little Man’s had a very loosey goosey number two so I’d have to go get him. Since the car seat was in Hubby’s car (you’ll need this piece of information for later) I called him to give him the news. Daycare policy is that you can’t bring your child back in to the centre until twenty four hours have passed from the last, ahem, incident. So, my precious LM free Tuesday would be no more.


Not much happened except a TV and pyjama day. Oh, we waved Hubby off at 6:30am when his colleague came to pick him up to go to the airport and Little Man proceeded to talk about just how awful life would be until he came home. (That would be the Wednesday evening). I cleaned, which is all I seem to do these days. Y’know that saying, “never work with children or animals”, well, I think that should be to never live with them either! Filthy creatures, honestly.

According to Katie A WEEK IN THE LIFE


After our self imposed “stay at home” day, we were super excited to go to playgroup. The girls even slept in until gone 8am so it was a lovely morning. I packed everything, got everyone dressed, shoes on and made my way to the car with Copperhead and Little Man when he gets in and exclaims “MUMMY, my chair isn’t HERE”. My heart sank. I looked, because y’know, just in case it was there and he was having me on. Funny kid that boy. But he was correct. No seat. My heart sank further. I looked over my shoulder to Hubbys car where the chair was in full view behind the passenger seat and, still holding Copperhead with Little Red howling from the house, I debated my next move.

I never move the car seats, I’m not game to. But, I thought I’d give it a crack. I strapped Copperhead in and told LM to stay put, ran up the stairs to the front door, swooped up Baby Bear and looked for Hubby’s car keys. Nope. Nowhere to be found. I called him, no answer. So messaged instead and where he confirms that yes, he has his keys and that he’s very sorry.

I put Little Red down, who is desperately trying to cling to my face, and trudge back to the car. I unclip Copperhead and tell LM that unfortunately we can’t get to playgroup today. Admittedly he takes it like a champ. No tears although he does say (repeatedly) how upset he is. That was the worst of it for me. Explaining and then dealing with the disappointment. I told him that I was sad too because I really enjoy going and if I could get us there I would.

I’d also like to add here that this is where I know the meds are working. A few months ago I would have gotten SO angry and then spiralled. But, I just reasoned it is what it is and we made the best of our day instead. We ARE finally getting a second seat for Hubby’s car this weekend though because it takes something like this to actually get it done. Me merely saying it since I was pregnant with the girls isn’t enough. Oh, would ya’ look at that? Seems I am still a bit p*ssed! *insert winky face here*


Okay, yesterday was a BIG day. The girls are trialling a new nap time from 11am-1:30pm instead of a morning and afternoon nap. Little Man has swimming in the morning and naturally this has been timed to coincide with their sleepiest time so they screamed the place down. Awesome.

I got them home just in time to put them down before our friends arrived for a play date. That was lovely and so relaxing. We sat on the deck, chatted, drank tea and watched the kids play in the trampoline. As they were leaving the girls woke, so it was time for another feeding at the zoo.

Copperhead has been particularly feisty this week. You may remember, I once affectionately called her “strong-willed”. Now I call her Boss. So, as you’ve probably guessed, the afternoon was filled with angst, fear and an overwhelming sense of doom. This was after she had backhanded me in the face for having the audacity to give her back her fork (that I’m sure she was trying to pierce my foot with, like a spear).

Anyway, all day LM needed to go to the toilet for number two’s. I honestly lost count. It’s quite normal after swimming on account he drinks half the pool water but it gets to the point where it’s incredibly frustrating. He always, ALWAYS goes in meal prep or when you’re actually eating. I’m starting to wonder if he’s conditioned to on the sight of food.

So, after the busy, non-stop day I was relieved to get to bath time. We put all three kiddies in together, Copperhead is first out and being dried and dressed by Hubby. The Littles are playing and then Baby Bear does this weird side shuffle thing. I asked her if she’s pooping to which she locks eyes with me (why do they do that?) and I say “Little Man, get out NOW”. I have never seen him move so fast. He jumps over the side of the bath in less than a second and is safely wrapped in a towel. I shout Hubby to tell him there is a another Red Alert happening and strip out of my clothes ready to scoop the girl out and jump in the shower with her.

Hubby runs in and I tell him I’ll sort the bath out, to which he readily accepts. We shower the girl and I start the scooping and cleaning. Then I get my nice semi-cold shower due to most of the hot water already being used.

Just as I think the day can’t get any sh*ttier – dealing with, not emotionally because I’m still riding high on those meds! – Oscar does his business when I’m brushing my hair. Another scoop down the drain (geddit’?).


Please be kind.

K x





  1. They are so cute when they are asleep (but you don’t know what they are dreaming about?). They grow, they leave,marry,have kids,know everything but still need you. Be there for them. It’s worth it! X

  2. I know this is a obvious comment but… reading about your week has made me very tired.
    I need a nap.
    Btw… I’m also high on meds. My boss said I look stoned. I laughed.

    1. Haha I need a nap just thinking about it too! The spaciness only lasted a few days for me thank goodness. Hated that feeling 🤢

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