It feels like AGES since I wrote an anecdotal post about Little Man so here is a brief update on what’s been going on in his world.

Firstly, I was hiding in his bedroom a few weeks ago (that’s a story for another day), and I heard him playing with a toy that teaches the alphabet, animal sounds, counting etc. I couldn’t believe how clearly he repeated everything and it kind of made me feel a bit guilty that I hadn’t noticed before. He was playing so happily it was almost a shame to jump out at him as the Tickle Monster.

Little Man has also become obsessed with wanting to wear his flip flops. It can get pretty chilly here in Queensland at this time of year but that, and the fact he’s wearing socks, doesn’t seem to deter him. In fact I overheard Hubby remark, after being unable to sway LM’s insistence, that he would “see what he could do” and I fear they were swiftly jammed on, socks and all.

Hubby and I also ended up getting him a much longed for kitchenette and have been invited over for imaginary food many times. You can read about the construction here. A play kitchen is something that LM is always drawn to at the library and at his friends houses so, for me, it was a no-brainer, mid-year gift that is proving to be well worth it. LM was so happy when it was finally put together he kept wrapping himself around our legs and kissing our knees!

We also went to see The Wiggles a few weeks ago (read about it here). Little Man had an amazing time given the fact they are one of his favourite kids shows. He even had a dance in the tiny, informal mosh pit that some very strong-willed toddlers had created.

Hmmmm, what else? Oh, we have been looking at single beds for him which we’ll probably get in the New Year sales. I’ve written a post about it so will publish shortly.

LM has also taken to choosing his outfits in the morning and I have to say, he has great style! He loves to mix print with bold colour choices (no, I haven’t let him watch Gossip Girl! You can read about my version of the GG Affect here).

And last but not least, our local park was having some maintenance done by the council so it was fenced off. Naturally, out of all the usual toddlers that had gathered staring in disbelief it was my son who could be seen belly crawling underneath the fence within minutes of arriving. He came straight back as soon as I asked him and his BFF, who seemed to be the lookout, immediately threw him under the bus by exclaiming “Katie, I was a good boy”.

Everyone had a good laugh while my heart palpation’s slowly went back to their normal rhythm. Anyway, Hubby said the message (and my picture proof) made his day.

And that’s about it I think!

Until next time,


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