Sometimes when I’m messing about on Pinterest and I find an image that remotely looks like it could be from the UK I get a pain in my heart. Often it is an old cottage, cobbled lane or even a foggy road but it hits me like a brick wall.

I find I click off the image fairly quickly because lingering would only make me start to think of home too much. Every year on the run up to Christmas I get very, very homesick (you may have noticed!) but since the new year has come and gone I’ve had a renewal of love for where I live and the homesickness has magically evaporated – perhaps because it hasn’t been an overly hot summer (until now). I figured part of the reason is the fact the seasons are back to front and I always get in a dark mood by constantly repeating “Christmas shouldn’t be hot”, so I decided that this year I would have a fiesta type Christmas and instead of your usual pine tree we would have a palm tree. Yes, I know it’s absurdly early to start talking about Christmas but it’s something I have to prepare myself for.

I love Australia. I love the places, the opportunities and most of all, the people. Australia has a great culture and one I would be proud for my son to grow up in, although I’m not sure how I feel about the fact he’ll have a different accent to me and will learn things at school (namely history) that I’ll know little about. And no, I don’t particularly want to move back home either for various reasons I won’t bore you with now, (I know, there is just no pleasing me).

After family, friends and proper chips served to you in newspaper, I miss the northern-hemisphere seasons most of all. I LOVE nothing better than wrapping up, wearing layers and I have a thing for cardigans, jumpers, coats and scarves. In South-East Queensland they’re not really essential items so it doesn’t make much sense to have an extreme passion for them so I must admit I have turned my attention to handbags in a rather alarming way.

A home away from home for me is Tasmania. As soon as we land in Hobart I feel it in my bones and maybe because it’s cooler and smaller I can relate to it easier. I wonder if I’ll ever feel settled in Queensland or if I’ll always feel like an outsider. I’m almost positive if I was olive skinned with an ability to tan easily instead of the pale redhead I am then I would probably feel very differently. The sun and me just don’t get along however I’m fortunate that I’ve made some amazing friends here and they keep me sane and have a lot to do with my love of the place and the internal struggle about whether to move away to a more ginger-friendly climate.

When you meet someone from another country it seems exotic and exciting but in my experience there is always a compromise. Most of the time one of you will have to give up family and beautiful moments like planning a wedding can be tricky because where do you have it? I suppose it doesn’t help that Australia and England are a day of travel apart with expensive airfares. If we were in another European country or even America or Canada it’s only a matter of hours until you can be reunited with loved ones or a culture you feel completely at home in.

I’m feeling a bit out of the ordinary today – maybe it’s the severe lack of sleep since Little Man seems to cutting a beaver-like set of teeth. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching Gourmet Farmer that is located in Tassie. Maybe I’m just being a Moaning Mertle. Or maybe it’s just all of the above!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this whether you are from Old Blighty, an ex-pat or anything in between so feel free to leave me a comment.

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