We’ve just enjoyed a short trip to Queensland to visit family and have a little break. We did an overnight drive of about twelve hours but it honestly wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Little Man was awake for most of it (take that “the kids will sleep all the way” mentality) so it was great to be able to hand him over to the grandparents for a few hours while Hubby and I went for a lie down.

We drove past our old house and funnily enough there was no blubbering on my part. It was weird to see but it’s not home anymore and I was oddly okay with that. Although the garden needs a good water and Hubby had to drive away quite quickly before I could knock on the door to inform the new owners of that fact.

We did lots of touristy things as well as going to see Finding Dory with Little Man and walking on the beach. It’s also been great to catch up with friends and family and be reminded of the mammoth support network we have up here. I feel like I’ve continually smiled and laughed and that’s my normal.

I’m somewhat nervous about returning to NSW and the dark cloud reappearing. But this week has shown me that I’m still me and that I need to get out there and walk, talk, explore and make more friends. I need to be proactive in taking control of my life again, to not be dominated by the four walls of my living room. I need to power through the apprehension of being out with the twins by myself for an extended amount of time. I need to set my wings free and be the social butterfly that I am.

So, I guess I’m not too nervous now. I’m optimistic about moving forward, continuing to work on my health issues and returning to who I really am. A person that loves and appreciates life and wakes up excited to start the day. This life affirming mood could also be related to the fact Little Man is now pretty much toilet trained. Yep. It’s been a pretty great week! 🙌🏻 K x

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