Dear friend,

I’m writing this to tell you that I think you’re brave and beautiful. Please be more kind to yourself sweetheart. I know you’re a bit self-conscious at carrying the extra baby weight but you did have two babies in one go – you’re an effin’ rock star! I have no doubt that you will be back in your colourful pre-twinny clothes this year. I mean, you have been pretty isolated at home with TWO babies and a bad back so trust me when I say that you’re looking fabulous!

You’re doing pretty amazing on the whole actually, the kids are happy and healthy but you need to care for yourself too. I know it’s been a tough twelve months but remember all the fun stuff too. Do you remember that feeling of bringing the girls home? How Little Man demanded to be swaddled up too so Hubby had to do it with a big bath towel? It was such a magical time and it still is.

Speaking of the boy, don’t worry about him finding his way with his peers so much, he’s a good lad, he’ll be alright. So will the girls. You’re a great mum and I know that whatever happens with Little Red’s health it won’t really change what truly matters. Try not to get anxious about the medical stuff, she doesn’t.

Believe me when I say that your children are really lucky to have you, I know how much you love and want the best for them. Just look at how much the girls want you all the time, they’ve even started fighting over you. I know it can be tough when they’re both screaming and crying but it won’t last forever. You’re through the hardest part of their dependency now and once the deck is done and the cooler weather is here you can all be outside for most of the day.

I think finally writing the girls birth story has been momentous. It took you a year but you did it and it seems like you’re already more at peace. In saying that, I hope that you continue to seek help and that your bubbly personality will return tenfold soon. I’d like to see you settled, those contented feelings that can seem so fleeting simply a part of your every day life, it’s truly an amazing and charmed way to live – you know what I’m talking about, you’ve felt that way before.

I know you, and I know when you put your mind to it you’re unstoppable. If you want your blog to be your job then go for it girl! You can write and people can read so I really don’t see a problem! Believe in yourself, you can do this.

We’re not one for resolutions but I hope that in 2017 you manage to read several books, explore more of New South Wales and finally get back to the gym. All of which I think will really help your mental health. It’s so important you take time for yourself Katie, you can’t pour from an empty cup as they say.

Remember that you are not in this PND fight alone. It will get easier. You got this babe.

Read this whenever you’re having a bad day.

I love you.

K x

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